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Performer Bios: Chris Rollie

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It is difficult to find a label that describes a man with such an abundance of talents as Chris Rollie. We have chosen ‘author’ as it is in that role that you will find most on-line material written about Chris (and in these Bios we like to give you links to material to allow you to do your own research!).


Chris is the writer of ‘Robert Burns in New Cumnock’ and ‘Robert Burns in England’ about which was said ‘Of the many books written to commemorate the 250th birthday of Robert Burns, a handful stand out and can be judged to be exceptional. In this case, Chris Rollie’s Robert Burns in England is in that top tier of books on Burns.’ As you can see from his subject matter we could also have described Chris as ‘expert’ or ‘story-teller’ but it is in his role as ‘researcher’ that Chris is recognised in the academic world as his research unearthed seven long lost manuscripts, including correspondence between Robert Burns and his close friends, which throw significant new light on the life and work of the poet.


However, it is in his role as ‘poetry-reader’ that you are likely to see and hear Chris at this year’s Crambo-Jingle as Chris’s rendition of Burns’ ‘Holy Fair’ is probably one of the best in the world!


As if Chris’s expertise in the world of Robert Burns is not enough, he also performs the roles of ‘expert’,’writer’,’teacher’, story-teller and researcher in the world of Birds and Nature!…/chris-rollie-…/……/news/headline_279817_en.html…/…/burns_lives52.htmin